Behind The Scenes Images

Recently the Station North Arts Cafe and Gallery got the opportunity to host a mayoral campaign commercial for mayor hopeful, Sheila Dixon. We really appreciate her wanting us to be in the commercial, as our history goes way back. She actually cut the ribbon to the Cafe when we opened.

That’s why I like [Sheila Dixon], ’cause she’s a ’round the way girl. She’s serious! – Kevin Brown

We at the Cafe are big on community and values collabooration between members of the community. We love seeing people from the neighborhood come into our shop. A neighborhood is a living and breathing thing, and Stations North has a soul unlike any other. The sense of community is strong here, as the core of the community is built on sharing and collaboration. Personally, I feel that the creation of this commercial was a sharing moment. It was a sharing moment because we supported someone else coming into our space, and demonstrate their authentic support for what we do. We, in turn, embrace their presence here and act as a resource for their future growth.

We also want to give a special shout out to those crew members who worked so hard to make the video possible.

  • Karen Miller
  • Martha
  • Liz
  • Adam
  • Tom

Like I mentioned earlier, we LOVE when members of our community (all our communities here in Baltimore, from Hampden to Canton) come out and support each other. That said, if you’re interested in stopping by the shop, please do. We’re one block from the Hopkins Film School on North Ave, two blocks from Penn Station, and we want everyone in the artistic community and beyond to feel comfortable coming in.