“Downtown” Kevin Brown

Co-Owner | Head Chef – Nancy By SNAC

A staple of Baltimore, “Downtown” Kevin Brown has called Station’s North home for the last ten years. While not always a restaurateur, he thrives off of the energy of the people who come into his shops. He’s a socially inspired entrepreneur who’s love and presence is deeply rooted in the community he calls home.

William “Bill” Maughlin

Co-Owner | Head Chef – Station North Arts Cafe

William “Bill” Maughlin is an innovative, self taught, culinary professional who thrives on delivering real food in real time to people seeking above average dining experiences. Together with Kevin, he too calls Station’s North home and works tirelessly towards bettering the community. He’s a consummate chef with a passion for recreating established southern classics.

Station North Arts Cafe

The Coolest Cafe in the City

Station North Arts Cafe is currently in it’s 10th year of operation in Station North Arts District in Baltimore, MD. The Cafe has many low cost breakfast options and filling lunch choices. Bringing the community together through strong community values, the Cafe is a choice spot not only for eating, but also for socializing. SNAC is open Mon-Fri from 8am to 3pm, and is located at 1816 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201.

Nancy By SNAC

SNAC’s Artsy Sister

Nancy By SNAC is the sister restaurant to SNAC and is currently settling into it’s 3rd year of operation. Located adjacent to the MICA Studio Center at 131 West North Ave. Baltimore, MD 21201, Nancy offers a healthy lunch alternative to other restaurants in the area. Featuring a strong lunch menu in lieu of serving breakfast, Nancy also has lots of available seating to fit large parties and events. Nancy is also open Mon-Fri 8am-3pm.

FOOD SPECIAL    Station North Arts Cafe

Belgian Waffle Platter ($5.75)


The Vegematic ($6.25)

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