Station North – No Where Else We’d Rather Be!

We chose Station’s North as the place to set up shop for a variety of reasons. Firstly, we have been a part of this neighborhood since before it became what it is today. We (Bill and I) have been in Baltimore for over a decade. We’ve seen, and contributed to a lot of the change and growth that the neighborhood has undergone. We understand that the root of the community is the people; the artists, the students, the families, the business owners. We all come together to form this unity that is the neighborhood.

Ultimately, we love the people. At the Cafe you are just as likely to find a student from a nearby college as you are a congressman from City Hall.

Honestly that sense of community is what keeps us going, striving to provide the highest possible quality we can for our guests. When I first opened this shop, I knew that I wanted to create a social space that was safe and open to the public. We wanted to reintroduce people to the home away from home feeling that can come via a comfortable location with community centric values.

The fact of the matter is that Station’s North has allowed us the opportunity to make our dream a reality. I feel as though we have created that space I dreamed about so long ago, a space for community, a space for love. As we do right by the community, they do right by us. Station North Arts Cafe is currently entering it’s 10th year in the heart beat of the city’s Arts Community, and “Nancy by SNAC”, our sister restaurant, is settling into it’s 3rd year in its location on North Ave.

We feel that Station North, and Baltimore as a whole, is a natural fit for us. At our core we are all about connectivity and collaboration, and I think the community reflects that.

Station North Arts Cafe is open Mon – Fri: 8am – 3pm, Sat 10am – 3pm, and is closed on Sundays. Here’s a link to a video that details some of my views on the subject.